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transportation of furniture in general

General tips and guidance in the transportation of furniture in general No one disagrees that furniture is one of the best human property because it represents a material and moral value and therefore requires more care and attention, especially if the person is permanently traveling and migrating, it is in urgent need to be transported and stored in safe warehouses that preserve the storage process in humans, The client is the one who does the storage process or he uses a company from the company to transport the furniture, and in any case we try to provide a helping hand to our customers by directing a set of general tips in the process of installation and transfer of furniture, these tips are as follows:

First: - Anyone engaged in the process of jaw and installation to take care of nails and nuts for each piece of furniture in a secluded place so as not to be lost and therefore the client is exposed to the problem of searching for the appropriate screw, which cost him effort and time. Second: - There are some tools that must be used in the process of storage such as cardboard and cardboard and a series of cords and special ties that affect the storage of furniture and linking, and take into account the best way in the issue of packaging. Third: - Some small pieces of furniture need special boxes, whether cardboard or wood, this must be taken into account and numbered special upgrades to facilitate the installation process. Fourth: - Special vehicles must be used with special anti-shock and random movements that result from road bumps. The closure of this vehicle leads to good protection of the furniture from various weather factors such as dust, dust and so on. Fifth: - Storage warehouses must be designated and reviewed to ensure their validity for storage and free of damage factors such as moisture, rodents and insects that can negatively affect the wooden furniture and cardboard boxes. Sixth: - The use of expertise and efficiency and the people of the Secretariat in the storage process because storage is one of the most dangerous stages in the preservation of furniture. Seventh: - The need to put adhesive tapes on the electrical appliances and cover the furnishings and the knife and the salon to keep them from the accumulation of dust and dust. Eighth: - Periodic follow-up from time to time for furniture to ensure that it is maintained and not moved from place to place within the warehouse so as not to lead to randomness that leads to some damage that may lose the furniture value and elegance and beauty

General tips and guidance in the transportation of furniture in general

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