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Three Books - This Year's Theme is Home

Three Books 2013

The Three Books chosen this year for Stanford's summer reading program for the Class of 2017 and incoming transfer students are The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach, The Outsourced Self by Arlie Russell Hochschild, and First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung.

About This Course

For almost all of the incoming Class of ‘17 and transfer students, Stanford is not, or not yet, home and arriving here involves leaving somewhere else. That transition is never a simple one and this is the main reason why this year’s moderator of the Three Books program, Professor Nicholas Jenkins, has chosen to group the selection of texts you have been asked to read this summer under the general theme of “Home.”

In our contemporary world home is changing its meaning for many people. Is it a place? A structure? A neighborhood (or an escape from a neighborhood)? An object? An ideology? A set of ideas? Is it people? Mulling these questions does not just involve recognizing your changed relationship to your own home. Being at a university means meeting individuals from a vast array of different backgrounds with many unique stories to tell, including stories about their homes.

Given these questions, we want incoming Stanford students to have for the first time a special Three Books course site that will enable you to learn more about the books, their authors, and the subjects they discuss. This online course will be your space over the summer and after you arrive on campus where you can talk to one another, as well as engage with Stanford professors, about what you have been reading.

This will also serve as your opportunity to shape some of the conversation we will all have with Loung Ung, Arlie Russell Hochschild and Chad Harbach during New Student Orientation this fall.

We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox for the Three Books course running on the OpenEdX platform. If you have trouble registering with your SUNet ID, please use your Stanford email account to email us at for assistance.

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