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Digital Systems II

About This Course

EE108b introduces students to architecture and design of efficient computing and storage systems. The main topics include: overview of key techniques for efficient systems, efficiency metrics (performance, power and energy, cost), hardware/software interface (instruction set, data and thread-level parallelism), processor design (pipelining and vectors), custom accelerator design, cache memories, main memory, basic I/O techniques, and architectural support for operating systems. The lab assignments involve the detailed design of a processor on a FPGA prototyping system. The programming assignments involve optimizing the efficiency image processing applications on a portable computing platform.


EE108a and CS106B/X for the 4-unit option (labs); E40 and CS106B/X for the 3-unit option (programming assignments)

Course Staff

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Christos Kozyrakis, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Guest Lecturer

Andrew Danowitz, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

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Teaching Assistant

Chris Copeland, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

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Teaching Assistant

Frank Liu, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the class without meeting all prerequisites?

Yes, but first check with the instructor. If you want to take EE108b for 4-units (lab option), we expect you to know the basics of digital logic design and have experience with Verilog and FPGA-based design. If you want to take EE108b for 3-units, we expect you to have basic understanding of digital logic and some programming experience (Java, C++, or C).

Which option of EE108b should I take?

If you are an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering you must take the 4-unit option of the class and do the lab assignments. All other students can register for either the 4-unit or the 3-unit option. The 3-unit option includes programming assignments.

Are lecture videos available for EE108b?

Yes, the lectures will be tapped and videos will be available through the SCPD program.