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Mathematical Foundations of Computing

Welcome to CS103

We are using to supplement the main web page. It has the course description, calendar, slides and videos from lectures, downloadable pdfs, etc. If it turns out to be convenient for students, we may also link some of that material here. But, mainly, we want to use when it provides features that the main web page does not.

On of those features is the discussion forum. You should check the discussion forum before you email us questions about CS103. Your answer may be there already, saving you time. Or, if your question is not personal and doesn't "give away" the answer to a homework problem, you should try posting it, since other students probably have the same question. We'll do our best to monitor the forum constantly and reply to posts rapidly.


CS106A, but you should have seen that on the main page already.

Course Staff

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get find the FAQ

The main cs103 web page. Since it is still early in the quarter, we may not have created it yet.

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