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This study is divided into six main chapters. The chapters focus on different aspects of the research paper and they jointly contribute to the successful completion of the paper. They jointly add to the comprehensive fulfillment of the research goals and objectives.

The first chapter is the introduction chapter. This is a chapter that discusses the background information of the study topic. The background information provides an overview of what diversity management is and how widespread it is or it is becoming. This provides the basis for understanding the information that is presented in the literature review chapter. The introduction chapter also addresses the research aims and objectives. For this study, the research aim and objectives determine the research questions and together they influence the structure of the literature review chapter. They provide an overview of the research areas that this study concentrates on. Thus they also help in understanding the research methods that are used in this study. The reason why this study is important for the study and the knowledge gap that it intends to fill is discussed in the research rationale, within the introduction chapter. Other than the research rationale, this chapter also investigates the significance of this study and offers the statement of methodology which explains the particular research approaches that have been used in the study and why they were selected.

Chapter Two

The second chapter is the literature review chapter. This is the bulk chapter and it involves the review of various different literatures pertaining to the diversity management and the strategies and practices that are adopted within the Chinese market when it comes to diversity management. To ensure that the study is able to achieve its goals effectively, the study starts by exploring the organizational overview of Wal-Mart to enable the understanding of its diversity management strategies and practices in China. The literature review provides theoretical perspectives of the diversity management strategies and practices that are used by Wal-Mart in China. The paper also offers insights of the overall diversity management strategies and practices that are used in China. What this does is that it enhances the understanding of the approaches that are used by Wal-Mart in China. The information that is presented in the literature review chapter is mainly collected from journals, and books. This means that the information will be obtained from relevant secondary sources. This chapter explores current information in the exact manner that it is presented by the authors and the information and ideas that are borrowed from the authors are referenced. This means that the literature review chapter is important because it provides discussions of the research objectives and questions.

Within the Chinese market, Wal-Mart uses the matrix structure model. This is a model that ensures that though the strategies that the company adopts in different regions are influenced by its Chinese headquarters, they are also focused on their most important factors (Huffman, 2003). The company engages in a single structure but the different locations are allowed to focus on their core activities and core products and services.

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