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Buy New Home Barcelona

Advantages of Buying a New Home

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when we decide to get a alquiler piso nuevos Barcelona is whether the properties we will visit will be new or second-hand. In general, new homes and the costs associated with their purchase are higher than those of a used home, but keep in mind that the former offer many more advantages. Let's see in detail what they are:

1. It is not necessary to make reforms Pisos alquiler obra nueva Barcelona is always ready to move in and enjoy from day one. Unless you want to adapt some element to your taste, you will not have to make work. On the other hand, when we talk about a second-hand house, we must not only think that due to its age it is very probable that we will have to do work to change the coatings, the doors, the windows or the plumbing and electricity installations, but also that in a short time we may find ourselves with some surprise. And everyone knows that living in a house while being renovated is not pleasant at all...

2. More variety New developments offer a wide range of properties, both in terms of type and number of bedrooms. You will be able to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle, the number of family members, your needs, preferences, etc. If you contact a real estate agency, you will be able to check the complete catalogue of new-build properties available in the area where you wish to live.

. Greater ease of payment Usually the purchase of a new home, gives us a greater margin of time while the project finished being built, to compare the financing offers of the banks and, in this way, to obtain much more advantageous conditions for our mortgage. In addition, the appraisal is usually better, so it is easier for the bank to approve the amount requested to face the operation.

4. Higher level of energy efficiency All new construction properties must meet a number of requirements with regard to energy supply facilities. As a result, they use natural resources much more, resulting in lower consumption and, therefore, lower monthly expenditure on electricity, gas and heating. In addition, the quality of the materials and procedures used in the construction are of better quality, which makes the whole house energy efficient. It is true that new-build homes have a slightly higher price than used homes, but in the long run this energy saving makes it a more profitable investment.

5. Garage and storeroom included When many people think of the alquiler obra nueva Barcelona of their dreams, they imagine it with a garage and storage room. Two elements that include most of the newly built houses, which makes them very attractive. Those who live in a big city know how complicated it can be to park close to home and how much time is wasted parking the vehicle. Not to mention that inclement weather and the environment can damage the car much faster, and be exposed to possible theft. For its part, the storage room is a great relief to store everything that we do not use regularly and that does not fit at home.

6. Possibility of making it to measure Many builders offer buyers the chance to make some changes to the plan before they move in if the development is not already built. So you can adapt it to your tastes and needs. That is to say, to have the pisos alquiler obra nueva that you have always dreamed of but without having to do it yourself from scratch.

7. Greater peace of mind With a few exceptions, most new developments are located on the outskirts, far from the centre of the big city. This means that the street noise level is much lower, that finding parking is easier and that there are more green areas, which is very important when you have pets or small children. In short, they are factors that translate into a better quality of life. This is, for example, the case of our new development in Almassera, located on the outskirts of Valencia but a few minutes by car from the city centre, which allows you to enjoy the advantages of the residential areas and the capital at the same time.

8. Common areas and swimming pool Generally, new-build flats are usually built in housing estates that have landscaped areas, playgrounds, sports courts, swimming pools and other extras that make life in them very comfortable. If you have small children, they will be able to play in them quietly instead of spending the day locked up at home.

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